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WOOD WORLD is the first company in Bangladesh using the latest Kiln-Dry Chamber to season the timber and ensure the moisture to be reduced to below 15%. Our 25 years warranty is proof of our quality. These days it's hard to get quality products paying even more money, especially in the wooden sector. WOOD WORLD is the most reliable brand at home and abroad.


WOOD WORL was established in 2000 by Mr. Rafiqul Alam Molla. Using the latest American technology he made all the machines for the door and door frame production only for the development of the best structure of manufacturing the highest quality products. He say's "We don't maintain the quality, the machines itself maintain the quality".

Over the 20 years, WOOD WORLD made itself a synonym to class, affordable, and most durable wooden door and door frame collection. Due to high-quality products, amazing customer support, innovative designs we are going to lead in the front.

Wood World is a professional, reliable and friendly organization operating in Mirpur Dhaka. Wooden Frame Whether you are looking for a wooden door or door frame, we will provide the highest quality service. We ensure the seasoning, manufacturing, polishing, and installation is done to our client's satisfaction. For manufacturing doors and frames, we use the highest quality seasoned wood, manufactured to individual order taking into account the client's expectations and tastes. Our selection of the wood is based on a long-lasting value, aims to consistently deliver high standard, timely and sensibly priced services.

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